Management Consulting

Management consulting in the area of Employee Motivation. We can help you increase employee productivity without increasing costs.

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Management Enhancement Workshop

An onsite workshop designed to provide management with the tools needed to increase employee productivity, morale, motivation and retention.

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Employee Retention

70% of workers in America either hate their jobs or are disengaged from their work according to a Gallup study. The Dale Carnegie Institute found that 80% of employees who are unhappy with their supervisors are disengaged and less productive.

A study of Fortune 1000 companies found that in 85% of those companies employee morale plummets after just 6 months on the job. This results in loss of productivity which can cost companies between $450-500 billion a year.

Our program produces employees that are happy, engaged and satisfied that may out perform competitors by as much as 202%. Engaged and satisfied employees may be 87% less likely to change companies, generate 37% more sales and be 3 times more creative.

The noticeable boost to your company's bottom line will definitely put a smile on your face.


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