Disengaged employees

According to a Dale Carnegie Institute study, 80% of employees who are unhappy with their supervisors are disengaged and less productive. If you have been keeping up with our reports you will notice a theme here. The common denominator in low morale/productivity is untrained management. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that they don’t have an education as I’m sure they’re qualified to get that position in the first place buuuuttttt the right kind of training may not come in a degree. Many times in our research at a clients company we find that often management has simply forgotten what it was like to be a subordinate. Once they work their way up the ladder and make it into management many people feel that they have reached the finish line and no longer have to continue the race. The struggle is over because they have crossed the finish line.

When a person gets promoted into management they must understand it is a leadership position. Now they must continue what they were doing well before they got the promotion but now they must do it so others can follow their example. They shouldn’t change into another person but keep being the same good employee as they were before the promotion.

When an employee becomes unhappy at work they become disengaged with the job but it’s almost always because of how they are supervised. They company had nothing to do with it most of the time but the direct supervisor caused the change. If management simply remembered what it was like when they performed the job they used to do before they were promoted, and treat others they way they want to be treated I seriously think disengagement would not be as big a problem.

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