Falling Morale

A study of Fortune 1000 companies found that in 85% of those companies employee morale plummets after just 6 months on the job. This results in loss of productivity which can cost companies between $450-500 billion a year.

You may think your company is exempt and maybe you are one of the 15% that is but chances are it is affecting the majority of companies across our country.

You can see it with the new hire they are excited to come to work, they show up on time and you have to push them out of the door at the end of the day. After a short six months they start coming in late. That’s the first sign of falling morale, tardiness. They become distracted and disengaged. You have to remind them about your phone policy and their breaks are getting longer.

Why does this happen after six months almost across the board? It’s because corporate America is still using management techniques that they have been for over 100 years. Our culture has changed but management styles are slow to change. 100 years ago when unions were being born there was a different culture around then. Management used to say it’s my way or the highway because people were desperate to work and needed that job. Now people have more choices, are more educated and want to be treated better.

Management has the ability to take the most motivated worker and sap that motivation out of them in just 6 months. It’s almost a super power but it’s too easy to call it super. All management has to do is act like a boss and less of a leader and poof…morale is gone!

The main thing management can do to maintain high morale and productivity is simply remember what it was like when they were in the trenches and how they wanted to be treated, then treat other workers the same way.

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