I Don’t Have A Morale Problem


You would be surprised how often I hear this from potential clients. There is a serious disconnect between management and workers in most companies. Yet it is costing American companies between $450-$500 billion a year so some of these companies do have a morale problem and don't know about it.

One of the most neglected yet important things a company can do to improve in most areas is knowing the state of employee morale. Here are just a few things that a company could improve with knowing and acting on this knowledge; A company could experience

  • Quality improvements and less defects
  • Higher retention/lower turnover rates
  • Higher customer ratings
  • Increase in profit
  • Increase in productivity
  • Lower absenteeism

This list goes on but to just sum it up you could out perform your competitors by around 202%.  Needless to say more attention should be given to finding out what the state of morale is in your company. This can be done by surveys conducted by a third party or Survey Monkey. It is important that the workers feel anonymous when filling out the survey or the results will be tainted. Included in the survey should be feedback on immediate management/supervisors. That is where good or bad morale begins and provides the easiest form of correction.

Here is a simple way to measure the morale environment in your workplace, measure absenteeism. This must include all forms of absenteeism not just calling our sick. Any form of days off must be included in your calculation. This is just to measure or get the temperature of the state of morale in your workplace. Normally when calculating your absenteeism you only use sick leave but for measuring the state of morale you must use them all. For example; I have seen companies with high morale and the workers had so much saved vacation they were forced to start taking days off or risk losing those days. When morale is high people love being there and don't call in sick or take days off. So use all days off for this measurement only. Here is a good article that helps you to calculate Employee Absenteeism.

With that simple bit of information you can then decide if you do in fact have a problem and how to proceed to correct it. Good luck!

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