Management Not For Everybody

If you manage people at your job, but you don't like people, do everyone a favor and just quit! Find a job working with animals or inanimate objects of some sort where you don't have to deal with people-whom all have emotions and problems and you as the person in charge are who they come and vent to. Management is just not for you! Lol!


This post points out an obvious truth. You would think this couldn't happen but some people have the wrong motives for seeking to get into management. Some seek money, some prestige and some power. Then you have some that got promoted because they ARE managers and they're doing a good job of it.

Instead of going out onto the factory floor and picking someone then training them to be a manager it would be far better to find someone that is already managing then give them the title. We all have seen someone like that where everybody runs to them for help and they happily give it. That person comes in early, stays late and does a great job. They are already doing the job of a manager so just give them the title and train them in what they need to do a complete job.

Management is not for everybody and you will sacrifice morale and productivity if you give it to just anybody. Good luck.

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