Two Words That Will Boost Productivity

Remember we talked about 75% of American workers either hate their jobs or are disengaged from their work? Well recent studies show 68% of workers are not engaged so I guess the other 7% hate their jobs. I’m glad that’s such a small number but it’s still costing millions in lost productivity.

We also talked about 88% of the people that say they are leaving their jobs for more money are not telling the truth. The #1 reason people leave their jobs is because of how they are supervised. So, to turn this all around and make a difference in the workplace we need to take a different approach in supervision.

So many clients I have dealt with felt that employees should be happy they have a job. They felt that “My way or the highway” should be an acceptable norm. Notice I said past tense “felt.” That is an old outdated way of thinking and we were able to jettison it as quickly as possible. That attitude came from back in the sweat factory days during the birth of unions. There was a depression and people badly needed work and were willing to do any kind of work to put food on the table and feed their families. Factories took advantage of that desperation and worked employees hard without fair treatment.

We are in a different era now and employees have many choices for work. Workers expect to be treated fairly or they will fire their boss. We have all kinds of laws to protect the workers now and they are quick to use them. Sometimes this can create animus in the workplace when a worker is treated badly but not enough to break the law. So, the employer can’t fire the worker and the worker doesn’t quit but they do shut down and become disengaged. They will put in eight hours but that is all you get for eight hours is a warm body.

These two words are like magic that will turn around any animus situation in the workplace. The magical words are THANK YOU! Find something that your employee does well, catch them in the act of doing it. Spy on them if you must, use your security cameras to find something that they do well. Then call them into your office and simply tell them thank you for what you did. Explain that you were watching the crew and you noticed that they did this activity and tell them how much you appreciate it.  Watch the look on their faces and you will see a miracle. They are not used to getting called into your office for anything good (which we must change.)

The fact that you noticed them doing a good job will totally change they’re attitude. They will leave your office walking a little taller than when they came in. They just received a boost in their self esteem and morale increases with it. The result is increased productivity and it didn’t cost you a dime. Now do that with the rest of your employees and you may outperform your competitors by around 202%! Unless your competitor is one of my clients. Good luck!

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